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Frequent Insulation Questions

How Does Insulation Work?

Heat naturally flows from a warm space to a cool space.

In the winter, heat flows from heated living areas to cooler areas such as the attic, garage, basement or outdoors. Poor insulation means a lot of heat escapes, and your heating bills are much higher than they could be.

In the summer, the heat flows from the outdoors to the cooler areas of your home - costing you more energy and money to keep your home cool.

Insulation blocks this natural heat flow and is rated in terms of its thermal resistance, or R-value.

The higher R-value insulation your house has, the less heat flows OUT of your house during the winter, and the less heat flows IN to your house in the summer.  This directly leads to lower heating and cooling costs for every season of the year.  A strong respect must be given to the Stack Effect, or the fact that heat rises up and out the lid of your home.  If you can invest into maximizing air seals, using foam to seal attic penetrations and R value in your attic against air exfiltration, the less air that can infiltrate in through your windows, box sills, and basement.

Use the following insulation strategies together for the best results:

Why Is Insulation Important To Home Owners?

Insulation provides resistance to heat flow.  The more resistance to heat flow your insulation provides, the lower your heating and cooling bills.

Professional insulation & air sealing can also improve indoor air quality and prevent moldy, moist or dusty air from entering your house.

We recommend every home owner to receive a Home Performance Test.  A blower-door test depressurizes your home which allows an accurate infrared camera scan of all your air exfiltration and air infiltration points indicating how energy effiecient your home is.

The Home Performance Pre-test costs $300 through our partnership with Focus On Energy.


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