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colorado-study-bannerWe install Weather Blanket cellulose blown-in insulation because it is a great insulation product, yet friendly to the environment.

Cellulose is made from waste paper that would otherwise end up in a landfill.  It also takes less energy to make than other insulation materials such as fiberglass insulation.

After a Home Performance Test and a complete air seal, we recommend attic insulation be installed exceeding R62 (R is a way of measuring heat transfer for insulation).

Cellulose vs. Fiberglass

Cellulose has a higher density than fiberglass, making it the better insulator.

It's recycled paper saturated with fire retardant , which cannot be started on fire even with a propane torch, and does not absorb moisture like one may think.

Cellulose, when installed properly, literally creates an extremely dense barrier and it's surface will crust over time preventing unwanted convection and air infiltration.

Read more to the right in The Colorado Study that details why Cellulose is a better choice for insulation than fiberglass.

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Frequent Blown-In Insulation Questions

Why is it necessary to insulate my attic?

Proper attic insulation helps stop the heat transfer from the living areas to the attic and outside.  Insulating your attic to the correct R value can help save energy and lower your heating and cooling bills.


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47% of a home's energy is lost through its walls and ceilings...  What can you do to help?

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