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Home Performance Testing

Home Performance TestA Home Performance Test is the most accurate way to identify the energy efficiency of a home.

The Home Performance Test is a test done, by a third party, to your home that gives you a detailed roadmap on how your home is performing and what measures could be taken to improve your home's energy efficiency and comfort levels.

Using the detailed report from the test, Rock & Tait will provide you with a free estimate on what insulation measures were suggested for your home. If you choose Rock & Tait for your insulation services, then the third party will come back to your property and conduct a post-test to show you the improvements in your home's efficiency. Each test takes approximately 2 hours.

The average recovery time from money spent on an insulation project is 5 - 7 years or less! Ask about the current incentives in  your area! You may be eligible for a savings from $1,250 to $2,500!

How It Works

  1. Your house is tested for energy efficiency.
  2. We perform some or all recommendations only if you accept.
  3. Your house is re-tested for energy efficiency to show improvement.

A Home Performance Test usually takes only a couple hours to perform.

First, a special fan is carefully set up in an exterior door way to depressurize the home while measuring air leakage.

Then the house is inspected with an infrared camera to identify the locations of air infiltration. A report is generated with pictures showing air leakage, and solutions to help save money on energy bills.

If you choose, Rock and Tait can give you a free estimate offering the recommended solutions. If you accept the proposal and have some of or all the work done, the house has a follow up inspection proving the solutions to be successful.

Don't forget the energy tax credits and the instant monthly savings on energy bills!!

Get Rebates of $1,250 to $1,500!

Here are the details of the Xcel program for 2014 that applies statewide in Wisconsin:

  • Starts January 1st 2014
  • House has to be heated by Xcel natural gas or an electrically heated home that has Xcel as their electrical provider
  • Customers will get the matching rebate from Xcel, it will match the Focus reward of $1250.

That's a TOTAL of $2,500 savings on qualified insulation projects!

Xcel Energy

How To Sign Up For A Home Performance Test

If you are interested, give us a call at 715-723-7200, or fill out our quick estimate form and check yes for question #4 Home Performance Test.

You can also email us with any questions.

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This coupon is good for $100 off any home improvement project of $1,000 or more, and is ONLY VALID IF you sign up for a Home Performance Test with Rock & Tait before the start of the project.


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