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cedar-shakesCedar shingles look great, but can cost much more than traditional roofing - plus maintenance is required more often.

If you are a homeowner who is very interested in the aesthetic appearance of a cedar shake roof, we highly recommend Metro Stone Coated Steel Shakes.

Stone coated steel shakes give the appearance of cedar shakes but are much longer lasting and lower-maintenance.

For the home owner who is looking for an authentic cedar roof, Rock & Tait can install and maintain quality cedar shingles from Midwest Lumber.

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Frequent Questions About Cedar Shingles

I really like the way they look, is there anything I can do to preserve the life of my Cedar roof?

There are of course many stains and sealants on the market that can protect your Cedar Shingles.  We do offer an option to use dipped/coated shingles that come pre-protected for weather resistance.   For an extra expense, your favorite stain color can be applied to your Cedar shingles prior to installation.

Rock and Tait can install sealants or stains of your choice to preserve the life of the roof.   Remember, that whatever your sealant or stain choice may be, expect in a few  years having to re-coat the roof again.

Ultimately, the expense to carefully stain or seal an existing roof is not small, but compared to the costs of re-roofing a Cedar Shingled roof that you love, it's definitely the best option.

How much longer does it take to install Cedar Shingles than a traditional roof?

The average Cedar roof takes approximately 2 to 3 times the amount of time to properly install.  Materials are also approximately 2 to 3 times the cost of conventional roofing.  We recommend considering Metro Stone Coated Steel Shakes to any home-owner wanting the look of Cedar shingles.


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