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Ice forms on your roof for three different reasons.

1. Insufficient Insulation:

Warm air escaping through a non air-sealed attic, warming the under side of roof deck. This melts snow, then freezes and causes ice dams.

2. Improper Attic Ventilation:

If the attic isn't properly vented, the attic space becomes warmer than the outside air, warming the underside of roof deck. This melts the snow, then freezes at the eves and valleys, backs up and causes ice dams.

3. Mother Nature:

When temperatures are near freezing the sun will melt snow even if the attic is properly vented, air-sealed and insulated. This also causes the snow to melt, then refreeze to cause ice dams.

The best way to handle ice dams is to address all three components, starting in the order listed above:

Spray Foam all attic penetrations and add cellulose blown-insulation to exceed R50. Then make sure balanced attic ventilation exists, meaning the intake and exhaust must be balanced in order to get the attic as near to the exterior temperature as possible. The last step is the Versa Screen Ice Blaster Pro system or the Rim II system to control the ice that forms when temperatures are near or around freezing.

This is the Rock & Tait whole house approach to a peace of mind. And never having to deal with interior damage caused by ice back up again!

Ice Dam Prevention Systems

Rock & Tait can install a reliable ice dam prevention system to avoid the common problem of ice dams.

We will eliminate your annual winter ice problems with our reliable by-line heat coil roof and gutter ice melting systems.

This reliable system provides the highest quality and long lasting results to meet your expectations.

The Systems Prevent:


Our ice dam prevention systems prevent the following common problems:

• Ice dam and icicle formation at eaves
• Ice dam and water ponding in valleys
• Damage to roofing materials
• Roof raking and costly repairs

The Systems Provide

Our ice dam prevention systems provide the following benefits:

• A one time, long term, maintenance free solution
• The most energy efficient method available
• Industrial grade, self regulating heating cable (UL approved)
• An attractive solution to damaging and dangerous situations
• Peace of mind
• Optional energy efficient automated control

Please let us know if you have any questions about ice dam prevention systems for our new or existing roof.

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What Can Happen If My Roof Has An Ice Dam?

As you can see in the diagram to the right, an ice dam can make ponds of water from the snow melting off of the roof. This water can then more easily leak in through your roof and cause costly damage to insulation and drywall.

Why Does Ice Form?

1. Insufficient Insulation

2. Improper Attic Ventilation

3. Mother Nature

If you are uncertain if your roof needs to be replaced, give us a call at 715-723-7200 and we will look at your roof and give you our expert opinion.

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