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Dense Packing – Sidewalls

Seal Up Air Leaks To Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Comfort!

Insulation for Walls:

Dense packing creates a complete air seal, eliminates air infiltration, and maximizes R value.

We install the cellulose at 4 pounds of pressure which does not allow the cellulose to settle over time.

Dense packing is most commonly done to the exterior walls of an existing home, and at key juncture points.

The Dense Packing Process:

Step 1

First, we inspect the structure and framing of the home.

Step 2

Then we remove a row of siding above and below windows around the perimeter of home.  We drill 2 inch holes in each stud cavity, allowing us to insert the correct sized dense packing tube.

Step 3

Then each cavity is filled at the proper pressure.  The proper pressure ensures that the cellulose will not settle over time and reduce the effectiveness of your sidewall insulation. The tube is removed and plugs are installed to seal off the cavities.

Step 4

The last step is re-installing the siding back exactly how it was. Most projects are done in one day!

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