Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards Keep Your Gutters Clean!

Keep Your Gutters Clean For Good!

Every day, your gutters fill up with leaves, needles, seeds, and other debris. They need to be cleaned out, but it’s a dangerous, messy, and miserable job for any homeowner. Gutter guards will keep the debris out of your gutters, meaning cleaning them out will be a chore of the past.

With a gutter guard, your gutters will finally be clean and stay clean once and for all. Gutter guards can be added to already existing gutters, and can prevent many future headaches, from a buildup of stagnant water to nesting animals. Your gutters can even last longer since you won’t be dealing with premature rot and rust from moisture and debris sitting in them.

Your time is valuable. Stop using it for the hazardous task of cleaning out your gutters. Or save money by not having to call a gutter cleaning service. At Rock & Tait, we have the experience and skill to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Visit us here for more information on gutter guards, or to request a quote!

Gutter Guard Products

versascreen-proVersaScreen Pro (VSP) is the perfect choice for customers who desire a gutter guard that will last as long as their gutters. With many gutter guards on the market today, the main concern appears to be the cost of production. Paper thin metals or flimsy vinyl construction produce a gutter guard that will not stand the test of time.

VersaScreen Pro is constructed of .040 aluminum – 20% thicker than standard gutters. VersaScreen Pro can stand up to the weight of snow and ice. The durable matte black powder coating provides a subdued appearance that almost disappears on the gutter – enhancing the look of your home or business. The integrated drip lip keeps your gutters cleaner – minimizing ‘tiger striping’, the ugly striped staining on the front of your gutters.

  • Contractor grade gutter protection
  • Easy installation with 5’ pieces
  • Fastens to the front lip of the gutter
  • Strong construction – 040 aluminum with a durable powder coat finish
  • Small hole perforation only lets fine debris through which easily flushes out with rainfall
  • Built in drip lip minimizes staining and ‘tiger striping’
  • Versatile – fits 5, 6 and 7 inch gutters (K style/Ogee, half round, box, fascia) with no modifications
  • Can be easily modified in the field to fit other gutter styles, roof pitches and roof styles
  • Works with metal roofs, cedar shake, slate, tile, synthetic, and asphalt shingles
  • Low profile, matte black finish makes it less visible – blends in easily with all roof colors
  • No need for accessory pieces – ends and miters are fabricated from the VS5

logo-iceblasterIceBlaster Pro incorporates the features of both the Roof Edge and Drip Edge applications, using both Roof Edge heating and Drip Edge heating allowing for greater melting capacity. Multiple heat cable options available.

IceBlaster Pro is a truly versatile heated gutter guard. The competion requires expensive heat panel additions when their single cable option is not enough. With the IceBlaster Pro VersaScreen Heated Gutter Protection more heat output can be easily achieved. This gutter guard was designed with ice dams in mind – not just an afterthought.

Gutter Guard Rainflow USAEvery homeowner knows cleaning gutters is a messy and dangerous job. The idea of taking out the ladder and maneuvering around landscaping is a dreadful and time-consuming task. As homeowners move up in age, the work involved in cleaning gutters can make this chore almost impossible. These homeowners are looking for a solution to the problem they face several times a year.

leafree logoleafree before afterLeaFree™ is a sturdy aluminum gutter cover that is engineered to keep leaves and debris out of your gutter so that it remains clog-free. Find out why these gutter covers are the most reliable and cost effective gutter protection system available!

LeaFree™ works on the scientific principle of water adhesion. The patent pending design allows water to enter the gutter while keeping leaves and debris out. The design allows LeaFree™ to be custom-fit to any home by adjusting to any roof pitch.

LeaFree™ has a low profile design that beautifies the look of your home by blending your gutters with the shingles and hiding unsightly metal flashing. It will add to the curb appeal and overall value of your home.


permaflow-iconsPerma Flow also offers additional benefits that let you stop worrying about your gutters for good:

Precision engineering, included hardware, and simple instructions make this an easy job with a power screwdriver.

Don’t worry about heavy downpours. Perma Flow can handle almost any amount of rainfall. (Field tested using 13” per hour water drain test)

Raised domes allow leaves and pine needles to dry and blow away more quickly than conventional flat gutter guards that collect debris.

Unlike many gutter guards, Perma Flow has a glove-friendly, easy-to-clean surface. Simply spray or brush off and you’re done.

Rest easy, even if you live near the ocean or in a humid climate. Perma Flowaluminum stands up to algae, mildew and salt oxidation.

Rigid construction ensures that Perma Flow stays secure in high winds and won’t cave in to ice and snow.

Perma Flow comes with a 10 year free-flowing gutter guarantee.


Gutter Guard FAQ’s

Q: What is gutter guard?
A: Gutter guard blocks debris, while still allowing water to drain through your gutter system. It eliminates the need for gutter cleaning.

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