Flat Roofing

TPO and Rubber Roofing for Flat Roofs

Flat Roofing FAQ’s

Q: How Long Will My New Rubber Roof Last?

A: Most correctly installed rubber roofs are good for approximately 20 years.

Q: Is There A Better Solution For My Flat Roof?

A: Sometimes a better solution is constructing a pitched roof and installing a lifetime roofing product. It is more expensive upfront, but the long term headaches go away when you have a 50yr warranty – plus snow and rain have less chances to enter the building.

However, if that solution does not fit your current problem, we specialize in residential rubber and flat roofing. We can give you a professionally installed rubber roof on your house, garage or porch that doesn’t leak!

Q: What Material Do You Use For Flat Roofing?

Everguard TPOA: We use GAF EverGuard TPO and other quality flat roofing products, for both residential and commercial flat roofing project.

Q: How Long Will My Rubber Roofing Project Take To Complete?

A: Most projects are done in 1 day!

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