Foundation Insulation

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Comfort!

Benefits of Foundation Insulation:

Foundation insulation is another key part of an overall strategy to turn your home into an energy efficient one.

You should start by signing up for a Home Performance Test. This will allow us to use an infrared camera to locate where you need insulation the most, based on energy-efficiency and home comfort.

We can usually improve on both the interior and exterior of your foundation. It will save you energy and money, while also making your basement more comfortable. Foundation insulation may even qualify you for special rebates.

We work with both the interior and exterior of your home to ensure optimal performance and energy-efficiency of the foundation insulation in your Eau Claire area home. This means you’ll have a comfortable home without drafts, including in your basement, and a lower energy bill.

Learn about our interior and exterior foundation insulation processes below.


On the interior of your unfinished concrete/block walls, we recommend the installation of a Thermax foil faced foundation insulation.

It’s the only product that has been fire tested, allowing you to leave it unfinished.

Any other choices of foam board like Johns Manville or Pink board work equally as well, but you must install a fireproof finish such as drywall over them after the installation.


We install 1-inch rigid foam around the exterior perimeter of your home to a minimum of 10 inches below grade.

After installation of the foundation insulation, you will instantly notice a much more comfortable basement, because the warm to cold transfer can no longer take place. Because of the extreme weather we experience in Eau Claire, WI, this can drastically improve the comfort of your home.

We offer a crushed rock or stucco finish as our standard option and can install custom colors to match almost any color scheme.

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